Latest Kymco motorcycle prices | Comparing Kymco with Honda, Yamaha

Kymco is a Taiwanese motorcycle brand, and this is a 50cc scooter model. The design of this scooter is not only suitable for students but also a choice for middle-aged individuals without a driver’s license. So why do many people choose Kymco? What is the current price of Kymco motorcycles?

1. Introduction to Kymco motorcycles

Kymco is a motorcycle brand under the Motor Kwang Yang Company based in Kaohsiung.

The Kymco brand from Taiwan was established in 1963. After separating from Honda and inheriting Honda’s technological expertise, Kymco quickly became one of the manufacturers of high-quality motorcycles. In 1970, they introduced their first scooter model. In 1992, the company officially adopted the name Kymco to promote its brand in the international motorcycle market.

Kymco là thương hiệu xe máy thuộc công ty Motor Kwang Yang
Kymco is a motorcycle brand under the company Motor Kwang Yang.

Different from other scooter brands on the market, the Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer chose a unique path by offering scooters with 50cc engines, specifically targeting customers who do not have a driver’s license.

Kymco entered the Vietnamese motorcycle market in 2004. Over the course of more than 10 years, the company has continuously developed and introduced over 10 scooter models ranging from 50cc to 550cc.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Kymco scooters

2.1. Advantages of Kymco scooters

  • These scooters have dimensions that are suitable for the physique of Vietnamese riders.
  • The weight of the scooter is not too heavy, starting from 110kg, which makes it easier to maneuver.
  • Kymco scooters feature elegant and modern designs, appealing to both students and middle-aged individuals.
  • The lighting system of these scooters utilizes LED technology, providing better visibility during nighttime rides.
  • The newer models of Kymco scooters are equipped with the intelligent global connectivity technology called Noodoe.
  • This technology enables the scooter to connect with a smartphone, allowing functions such as locating the scooter, call and message notifications, etc. This is a standout feature that no other motorcycle brand currently offers.
  • The fuel tank capacity of these scooters is relatively large, providing peace of mind for long-distance rides.
  • Kymco offers a wide range of scooter models that are suitable for commuting in urban areas as well as specialized models designed for off-road adventures.

2.2. Disadvantages of Kymco scooters

Kymco predominantly focuses on 50cc scooters targeted at students, non-licensed riders, and homemakers. As a result, the demand for these scooters is relatively slow, with only a few models catering to customers who are passionate about speed.”

Việc tiêu thụ xe Kymco khá chậm
The consumption of Kymco motorcycles is relatively slow.

The Kymco brand is relatively low-profile in the Vietnamese motorcycle market. Furthermore, the larger-displacement models from this brand are quite expensive, which is a significant drawback. Many people may choose to stick with well-known brands like Yamaha and Honda instead of opting for this relatively new name.

3. Kymco motorcycle models

The brand primarily focuses on 50cc scooters targeting non-licensed riders. However, there are still some larger-displacement models from this brand that are known to consumers.

3.1. Kymco K-pipe price

Kymco mainly targets the segment of motorcycles for economically disadvantaged individuals. The Kymco K-Pipe model offers 50cc and 125cc motorcycles with a sporty design that appeals to young riders today.

Giá xe Kymco K Pipe mới nhất hiện nay
The price of the Kymco K Pipe is 34,000,000 VND.

Kymco K-Pipe Review:

Features Specifications
Design Naked-bike style
Fuel tank capacity 4.5 liters
Instrument panel LCD display
Headlight Stacked design, giving a rugged and stylish look
Right handlebar Engine kill switch, similar to larger-displacement motorcycles
K-Pipe 50 Equipped with an automatic transmission, not a manual clutch. For the K-Pipe 125 model, a manual clutch is provided for speed enthusiasts
Front suspension Telescopic forks
Rear suspension Monoshock with coil spring
Dimensions Length: 1,950mm<br>Width: 750mm<br>Height: 1,060mm
Kymco K-Pipe 50 engine 4-stroke, air-cooled, 49.5cc displacement
Maximum power 2.4 horsepower at 7,500 RPM
Maximum torque 2.8 Nm at 5,500 RPM
Price (Kymco K-Pipe 50) 20,000,000 VND
Kymco K-Pipe 125 dimensions Length: 1,940mm

Width: 939mm

Height: 1,049mm

Seat height 787mm
Kymco K-Pipe 125 engine SOHC, 123.7cc displacement, air-cooled
Maximum power 8 horsepower at 7,000 RPM
Maximum torque 8.54 Nm at 6,000 RPM
Engine and exhaust sound Mild and pleasant

The current price of the Kymco K-Pipe 125 on the Vietnamese motorcycle market is 34,000,000 VND.

3.2. Kymco People Motorcycle Prices

Model Price (VND)
Kymco People 16Fi 43,500,000
Kymco People S125FI 47,000,000

Review of Kymco People Motorcycle:

Features Specifications
People 16Fi engine 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, direct fuel injection, 2-valve, air-cooled engine
Maximum power 6.6 kW at 7,500 RPM
Maximum torque 9.8 Nm at 5,000 RPM
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology Kymco People 16Fi has a fuel consumption of only 1.66 liters/100km at 45km/h and 1.98 liters/100km at 60km/h
Kymco People S125FI dimensions Length: 1,985mm<br>Width: 680mm<br>Height: 1,145mm
Weight 121kg
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system Helps save fuel, with a consumption of only 1.66 liters/100km
Smart key Fashionable design similar to car keys, integrated with a positioning system that helps locate the vehicle quickly through front and rear indicators

Note: The table represents the prices of Kymco People motorcycles in Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Giá xe Kymco Candy mới nhất là 23.100.000VNĐ.
The latest price of the Kymco Candy scooter is 23,100,000 VND.

3.3. Kymco Candy Motorcycle Prices

Model Price (VND)
Kymco Candy Hi50 23,100,000

Review of Kymco Candy Motorcycle:

Features Specifications
Kymco Candy Hi50 engine 4-stroke, 49.5cc, air-cooled engine with maximum power of 3.6 horsepower at 8,500 RPM and maximum torque of 3.5Nm at 7,000 RPM
Dimensions Width: 1,820mm

Height: 680mm

Length: 1,100mm

Fuel tank capacity 6.4 liters
Weight 100kg

Note: The table represents the price of the Kymco Candy Hi50 motorcycle in Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Giá xe Kymco Like là 23.490.000 VNĐ.
The price of the Kymco Like scooter is 23,490,000 VND.

3.4. Kymco Like Motorcycle Prices

Model Price (VND)
Kymco Like 50 23,490,000

Review of Kymco Like Motorcycle:

Features Specifications
Kymco Like 50 is a stylish and dynamic 50cc scooter 4-stroke, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 49.5cc, maximum power of 3.6 horsepower at 8,500 RPM, and maximum torque of 3.5 Nm at 7,000 RPM.
Dimensions Length: 1,845mm

Width: 685mm

Height: 1,125mm

Weight 101kg
Fuel tank capacity 6 liters
Suitable for urban commuting

3.4. Kymco Jockey Motorcycle Prices

Model Price (VND)
Kymco Jockey 29,000,000

Review of Kymco Jockey Motorcycle:

Features Specifications
Kymco Jockey has a simple and bulky design Equipped with a powerful 125cc engine, KDU combined with a CVT clutch, delivering maximum power of 6.3 kW at 8,000 RPM and maximum torque of 8.0 Nm at 5,500 RPM.
Smooth starting experience The sound of the wind is relatively loud, which is the only drawback of this model.
Good acceleration It takes only 0.4 seconds to reach a speed of 70 km/h, which is relatively fast compared to other motorcycles in the same segment.

Please note that the table represents the prices of Kymco Like 50 and Kymco Jockey motorcycles in Vietnamese Dong (VND). The price for Kymco Jockey is not provided.

Giá xe Kymco Jockey là 29.000.000 VNĐ.
The price of the Kymco Jockey motorcycle is 29,000,000 VND.

4. Review of the current prices of Kymco motorcycles

This Taiwanese motorcycle brand has been officially distributed in the Vietnamese market since 2004. Over the past 10 years of development, the brand has successfully won over a large number of consumers in Vietnam, especially middle-aged individuals, students, and those who do not yet have a driver’s license.

The price list of Kymco motorcycles in the Southern market is currently showing an increasing trend, as many parents buy motorcycles for their children during the back-to-school season.

On the other hand, the motorcycle market in the Northern region is experiencing a decreasing trend in Kymco motorcycle prices, as customers still prefer familiar brands such as Honda and Yamaha.

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